APPTUTTi And Cocos Release E-Book Helping You Bring Your Game To China

2021.1.12 Official Blog by COCOS

Cocos is teaming up with APPTUTTi to bring you one of the most significant e-books for the game industry in 2021! Yes, it’s only been a few days, but we’re very excited about the work our friends at APPTUTTi have done to prepare this great content.

We’ve had many developers ask us over the years how to enter the Chinese market. Questions like, “What are the best marketplaces? What are the rules for getting my game into China? Who should I speak to for publishing?”

We’ve tried to answer these questions the best we could, but it’s hard to give answers to every developer one at a time. But today, we’re able to provide you with a free e-book full of all the information we gained as well as the knowledge from APPTUTTi, a trusted partner in bringing games to many new and unexplored markets.

In this 33-page free e-book, A Guide To Publishing Games In China, you’ll learn about the different marketplaces for games built for the PC, Mobile phones, HTML5, and more. Cocos has especially shared their knowledge of HTML5 and mini games in China to the e-book.

“We’ve really tried to make the most complete guide out there,” says Aaron Denford, marketing director at APPTUTTi. “We’ve been working on this for months, and with the help of Cocos and our friends at Leiting Games, we have something to get you started on your journey. We’re also happy to be a part of that journey with you with our team.”

“Cocos has been building game engines for the Chinese game industry for over 10 years, so we know what it takes to get your games running in China,” says Luke Stapley, marketing director at Cocos. “APPTUTTi is one of the publishers bringing games to China, and we’re happy to know Cocos game developers are using them to release their games all over the world.”

All you need to do to get your own free copy of this essential e-book for coming to China is to go to the APPTUTTi website link below, enter your information, and you’ll be emailed a copy.

Details shared include:

  • Statistics for China’s mobile game market
  • What the gaming ecosystem is like in China
  • How game from the Apple App Store are accepted in China
  • Who are the biggest Android stores in China
  • What is happening with PC in China
  • How HTML5 is thriving in China thanks to WeChat and mini games
  • How to get your game accepted into China
  • What to do for success in China’s game market
  • Why it’s essential to have a publisher in China

Sign up here for your free e-book now at!

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