Cocos 10th Anniversary Blessings From The Industry

2020.12.2 Interviews by COCOS

On December 1st, 2020, Cocos celebrates its tenth birthday! On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, we have received many partners, developers, colleagues, and friends from home and abroad. Blessings! Thank you for your support and trust. Cocos will continue creating technology with our former spirit, go more stable, longer, and better for the following decade!

We would like to share with you a few of these greetings:

Tencent Photon

We are very honored to be one of the early users of Cocos. Through years of in-depth technical cooperation with Cocos, we deeply appreciate the continuous and solid technical contribution of the engine team and the developer environment of continuous improvement and development.

During the early days of the mobile game market, we launched “Happy Landlords” and “Happy Mahjong,” both games pertaining to the “Happy Games” series, using Cocos game engine for the development. With the excellent performance of Cocos and the improvement of production efficiency brought by the editor at that time, the project team was able to bring an enhanced image to the characters of our games and a refreshing and smooth game experience to the majority of mobile players, which is deeply loved by players. Benefiting from the powerful cross-platform capabilities of Cocos Creator, “Happy Landlord” was the first to land on the WeChat mini-game platform in 2017 and continues to be popular.

Happy Game Studio has successively launched “Magic,” another game of their “Happy Games” series, using Cocos to create a multi-platform game version. Battleland, “Happy Pac-Man,” “The Strongest Magic Warrior,” “Ludo SuperStar,” and a series of casual game products. We believe that the Cocos engine team and developers will bring more and better works to players in the next ten years!

Xing Matong – Technical Director

Tencent Tianmei (TiMi)

Cocos team has had many years of in-depth cooperation with Shanghai Tianmei. Several products of Tianmei are built using Cocos engines, including the explosive war strategy mobile game “The King of Chaos” and several HTML5 games.

Cocos engines are easy to use, which makes easier to adopt it for new projects. With a higher efficiency and a complete set of supported functions, the cross-platform support is very good. In the past, it helped the “King of Chaos” team to quickly develop and build high-quality games and provided good support.

At the same time, the Cocos team has a fast iteration speed, provides customized services, and gave great support to the upgrade of Apple’s Metal rendering technology.

We hope that Cocos may become the benchmark for China’s open-source engines and build a high-quality and high-performance cross-platform game engine. In the future, more masterpieces will be developed around the world based on Cocos engines.

Fan Liang – Producer of “The King of Chaos”


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As an “old friend” of Shengqu Games, Cocos Engine has been cooperating with us for many years. Thanks to the openness of Cocos engine, cross-level platform compatibility, and stability, we developed the mobile phone version of the “Legend of Mir,” “World of Legend,” “The Strain,” and many other products in the process. We enhanced the development efficiency of our products and have also achieved excellent market performance.

Over the years, Cocos engine share in the overall market remains in the forefront, not only because it can always adapt to the market demands to enhance their performance, but also our Cocos community gives developers relevant aid and support. Thanks to Cocos engine for escorting our developers over the past ten years, and also thanks to the open-source of Cocos engines for leading and promoting the open-source of the entire mobile game engine industry. We firmly believe that Cocos engines shall continue to inherit technological precipitation, continuous technological breakthroughs, and create another ten years of brilliance in the future.

Feng Tanyan – VP Interactive Entertainment

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Cocos engines occupies a very important position in the development of our games. In my opinion, Cocos engine has a very strong technical team. Their dedication and enthusiasm in game development technology is impressive!

Since 2015, 37 Interactive games have used Cocos engines to develop a number of hardcore games such as “Legendary Hegemony Mobile Game”, “Golden Verdict”, “Heroes of the Kings City”, “Doomsday Sand City,” and other games, all of which have achieved very good results, and there are still a lot of games we produce using it today.

Cocos engines team has brought us great help, not only helping to solve the core key problems but also tailoring some very important functions for our team, which are a strong guarantee for the success of our project. I sincerely wish Cocos engines better and better in the future! In particular, I hope that the Cocos Creator engine can support a world of 3D engines as soon as possible!

Huaimin Zhu –  CTO

Happy Elements

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Happy Elements has been using Cocos engines since 2012 and has produced mobile games such as ” Happy Aquarium,” “Happy Fun,” “Seaside Fun,” “Zhan Ji Tianxia” and other mobile games, as well as “Seashore Xiao Xiao Le HTML5.”

HTML5 mini games such as “Orange Cat Detective Agency” and “Super Feeling True Detective” have also received strong support from the Cocos team during this period, allowing Happy Elements to achieve a successful transformation from Flash to mobile.

Thank you very much for the hard work and support of the Cocos team! I hope Cocos will do better and better in the future and lead the industry forward again!

Cong Ling – CTO

Feiyu Technology

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Many years ago, Cocos was born upstairs in our first office. In a blink of an eye, 10 years have passed. In these 10 years, Cocos has not only witnessed the development of mobile games but also worked with most of the mobile game developers, including Feiyu as one of them.

Our products such as “Shenxian Dao,” “Blade of the Three Kingdoms,” and “Defense Carrot” are all developed using Cocos engines. We have in-depth cooperation with the Cocos team in Xiamen. The professionalism and seriousness of the team have benefited us a lot. Grateful!

On the occasion of this tenth anniversary, Feiyu Technology wishes Cocos engines to develop better and better in the future, serve more game creators, and achieve greater success!

Jianjun Yao – CEO


Our first mobile game, “Shenxian Dao,” uses Cocos engines, so we have witnessed the mutual growth of the mobile game industry and Cocos engines from the first day we entered the mobile phone industry.

In this process, the excellent features of Cocos engines and the caring support of the technical team have given us a lot of help, helping us to launch various games such as “Fairy Way” and “Rhythm Big Bang” quickly, and achieved great success.

Yimeng Huang – CEO

Digital Sky

On the occasion of the 10th-anniversary celebration of Cocos engine, Chengdu Digital Sky would like to express its sincere congratulations to our old friends.

Since its establishment in 2011, with the help and support of Cocos, Digital Sky has successively released a number of flagship products, forming an indissoluble bond with the Cocos team. Among them, as our first product was released in 2012, “Xiongrui Tiandi” became the first Chinese product to break into the top 30 best-selling apps in Japan. The “Power of Dragon,” which was released in the same year and ranked Top 3 in the best-selling list in many countries, is also inseparable from the help of Cocos engines. In the following years, the release of “Measuring the Three Kingdoms,” “Sword Inn,” and “Dragon Ball Fighting” was a testament to the growth of Cocos in a few days.

As a free and open-source mobile cross-platform game engine, in addition to the native platform, Cocos’s continuously increasing supportable platforms and providing corresponding tool chains, examples, etc., have greatly reduced the development cost of partners. The continuous efforts of the Cocos development team to improve engine performance and the introduction of 3D functions have provided more possibilities for users’ project development.

I wish Cocos engines continue to empower the game industry and achieve greater development in the future.

Xiaochun Tan – CTO

Lilith Games

The development teams of “Soul Hunters” and “AFK Arena” wish Cocos a Happy 10th birthday!

For us, Cocos is not only a game engine but also a passionate game service provider and a partner fighting side by side. I still remember the scene where “AFK Arena” went online; our friends from the Cocos team stood all night up to overcome difficulties. “Soul Hunters” and “AFK Arena” success and impressive data wouldn’t be the same without the strong support of the Cocos team, online and offline.

I wish the Cocos team a better and brighter future and hope that we will work together to develop more high-quality games.

Xiaodong Tian – Producer of “AFK Arena”

Baidu Games

Happy tenth birthday, little coconut head! We are proud to have been accompanied by seven years together, today, still a score for each Cocos achieved, feel pride, pride, and more pride.

Although it has been two years apart, Cocos has always been actively around in Baidu Games’ mini-game platform, publishing, and self-developed products. Thousands of developers and their products have benefited from this, and I am sincerely grateful for the help provided by Cocos.

Because I have experienced it, I know how difficult it is to stick to the field of game engines. Therefore, the team has always admired Cocos Technology. It is the persistence of this team that makes people of today proud.

I wish Cocos will develop better in the next ten years and become the top card in the field of game engines.

Jian Xu – General Manager of Baidu Game Business


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As a long-term, in-depth partner of mobile games, Cocos engines has played a pivotal role in our game development, especially its stable and agile development efficiency and logically clear architecture design has left us deep impressions.

This year, our new martial arts IP work “New Legend of the Condor Heroe: Iron and Blood,” which achieved outstanding results, performed well during the development and operation of Cocos engines. The development cycle was compressed, and unnecessary expenses were saved. Cocos team earned the trust of our R&D team.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Cocos engines, on behalf of China Mobile Games, I sincerely wish that the development of Cocos engines will get better and better, and the market reputation and share will increase!

Jian Xiao – Chairman and CEO


The ten years of Cocos has been accompanied by the growth of the mobile game industry and the growth of the Youzu network “Youth” series. From 15 years to the present, from 2015’s “Juvenile Three Kingdoms 1” to “Journey to the West” to last year’s ” Juvenile Three Kingdoms 2 and this year’s newly launched “Juvenile Three Kingdoms: Zero”, the juvenile series of games have been recognized and loved by nearly 200 million card players worldwide, with a total turnover of more than 10 billion RMB.

On behalf of the young friends of Youzu, I wish Wang Zhe and the Cocos team will always be young and always on the road!

Fang Chen – CEO

Baby Bus

Cocos and Baby Bus have become trusted partners. Thanks to the help and support of the Cocos engine, the Baby Bus educational products achieved more than we have thought possible. Over the past nine years, Baby bus and Cocos engine go hand in hand.

In 2011, Baby Bus started using Cocos 2d-x to develop iOS learning apps. In 2013, Baby Bus started to use the cocos2d-x V2.1.4 engine framework based on Lua to realize the development of cross-platform application scripts, which improved our development efficiency and saved us a lot of development costs. In 2016, with the update of the 3.x version and changes in the rendering mechanism, Baby Bus upgraded the framework from the 2.x version to the 3.x engine framework, which improved the performance and experience of their games.

In the future, we hope to deepen our cooperation with Cocos and their innovative technology, develop a more stable and high-quality engine, and provide users with better products and services. We wish Cocos engine will stay in the heart at the beginning of the decade, innovation will lead the future, and welcome a new starting point and a new journey!

Wei Caihu – CTO

Byte Education

HTML5 game development in recent years compared to other apps in education, leisure, branding, etc.,

are a relatively large number. In products such as Guagualong Enlightenment and Qingbei Online School, the use of interesting teaching games and teaching aid game content developed with Cocos Creator also provides users with a very pleasant learning experience.

Compared to using traditional client development, HTML5 games have cross-platform, high performance, and powerful expressive features, which greatly improves development efficiency and user experience.

Thanks to the hard work of the Cocos team, Cocos Creator can continue to empower HTML5 game development. Cocos is celebrating its tenth birthday. The past ten years have seen the vigorous development of the Cocos developer community and the rapid growth of users. I wish Cocos better and better in the future.

Yi Xia – Leader of the education technology team

Joy English

Since the beginning of 2014, Joy English has built an online live classroom-based on Cocos2d-x. It is a pioneer of Cocos in the field of online education. It has also received the full support of the Cocos team and CEO Wang Zhe. Early Cocos2d-x had cross-platform capabilities, excellent animation performance, and ease of development are the reasons why Joy finally chose Cocos, and it also saved a lot of development time and manpower for the development of Joy’s online classrooms.

Today in 2020, more and more educational institutions have built their online classrooms on the Cocos ecosystem. I would also like to thank the Cocos team for their selfless dedication to the education industry.

Congratulations to Cocos, Happy 10th Anniversary! I wish Cocos, the Cocos team, and our online education industry to flourish and welcome the next more ambitious decade.

Lichuan Yuan – CTO

Spark Thinking

Courseware is the biggest highlight of Spark Thinking. Spark Thinking chose Cocos as our courseware development engine from the beginning in 2017. Our version was not very stable, but the very good engine Cocos community and team’s fast response helped us so that we could quickly pave the way. In the actual development process, Spark Thinking also had a lot of in-depth exchanges with the Cocos engines team, including performance optimization, compilation and integration schemes, component and plug-in mechanisms, etc. Spark thinking also contributed some ideas and solutions to the community.

At present, all the courseware of Spark Thinking are running on Cocos engines, and dozens of senior R&D engineers have formed Spark Thinking’s unique project development process and scheme. These programs not only have an impact on Spark thinking but also have a good reference for other related education colleagues.

Excellent engine, efficient development efficiency, and strong interactivity have formed the unique competitiveness of Spark Thinking courseware. Thank you very much, Cocos Engine and its team. We stood on the shoulders of giants and saw more light.

I wish Cocos Engine a happy 10th birthday, and I wish the Cocos team to get better and better and become the world’s largest game development engine!

Jian Luo – CEO

Homework Help

Cocos is a very convenient and smart product to develop online educational applications to assist students with their homework.

With the support of Cocos, the homework helps the live classes explore more innovative and breakthrough products and achieve a better user experience. With the support of Cocos, I believe we will explore more innovative and breakthrough products to provide users and students with better education services. On the tenth anniversary of Cocos, I wish Cocos a better future and continue to provide more and better products and services.

Liang Luo – CTO

Tencent ABCmouse

As a solution for cross-platform application development, Cocos Creator not only supports the same set of code construction and generation for Android, iOS, PC, and other platforms but also supports the construction and generation of Web and multiple small game platforms.

Therefore, Tencent ABCmouse chose to use the Cocos Creator engine from the very beginning and established close communication and cooperation with the Cocos team. From version 1.6.0 to the current version 2.4.0, the Cocos team has provided us with a lot of technical support, and we have also seen this engine continue to grow and improve. I want to boast here: Hurray! For the tenth anniversary, I wish Cocos engines better and better, and I hope to see developers use Cocos to generate more quality works.

Weizhou Pan- Head of R&D


Since its creation, Cocos has had a clear focus on mobile gaming, offering developers the tools required to optimize their content and create the best possible user experience. Millions of game developers are benefiting from Cocos’ open-source engine, which is well optimized for mobile devices powered by Arm technologies, and we will continue working closely with Cocos to advance game development in the years to come.

Pablo Fraile – Director of Developer Ecosystems

Groovy Antoid

At Groovy Antoid, we’ve been using Cocos Creator since 2018 to develop HTML5 games both internally and for our clients, and it’s given us the friendly workflow we need to let our artists get their hands dirty tinkering and animating inside the engine itself. We’re glad to have such a well-maintained tool at our disposal!

 George Elhabr, Co-founder CEO of Groovy Antoid


Congratulations Cocos on a great 10th Anniversary! So far, there have been many great games released using Cocos.

We wish you another year of accomplishments, opportunity, and growth. Heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for your continued success.

Yusuke Shirakawa,  Executive Director Development Division Monster Strike Business Operations

Trese Brothers

Cocos has been critical to the success of our studio, Trese Brothers. We’ve used the engine to build our most successful Steam (Win32/Mac OS X/Linux) games as well as the mobile ports for iTunes and Google Play. Projects like “Heroes of Steel,” “Templar Battleforce” and “Star Traders: Frontiers” would not have been possible without Cocos.

Access to the engine’s complete source code has been a distinct advantage, giving us the flexibility to integrate other components directly into the engine when needed. A huge thank you to the Cocos team!

Cory Trese, Co-founder


Congratulations Cocos on a great 10th Anniversary! I wish you all the best for the future!

Cocos2d-iPhone was one of the first game development frameworks that added support for loading and rendering Tiled maps, and by extension also Cocos2d-x. Several books were written about game development with Cocos2d that also covered building maps with Tiled. Cocos has been a major factor in Tiled’s popularity, for which I am very grateful.

Thorbjørn Lindeijer ,  Creator of Tiled

The above is a partial list of wishes, in no particular order. Thank you again to everyone!

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