Cocos Game Showcase – June 2022

2022.6.15 Other News by Luke

We’re just moments away from sharing some big news, but before we get to that, we wanted to share a few new games that caught our eye these past three months.

You may have seen a few games for TikTok last month as China’s version of the app, Douyin, was starting to push out a lot more mini games. This time, we had some amazing standouts that got us excited about what was next.

We also have some games that were smash hits in China and a few from our friends on the Discord channel. We’re excited to have so many great developers there.

If you have a Cocos game you want to share (Cocos2d-x or Cocos Creator) and is new or recently published, send them along to us on our social media or Discord, and we’ll add it in.

Mystic Quest: Find The Differences

This game by Ukrainian developers, Inpiratori Games, was built during the crisis going on in Ukraine. It’s a fun “Spot the difference” game with a fun story and great characters. We’ll hopefully be interviewing them in the future.

Defending the Lord 2

This game was picked for its impressive graphics and a new spin on the tower defense gameplay. Upgrade your troops and use their special skills to make them fight stronger and keep your Lord protected.

Li Guafu’s Little Days

We don’t have to say too much as we had a great article discussing the game and the company. Just to add, they now have a WeChat mini game as well, so they are already expanding, and we’re excited about what’s next.

Ghost Train Girls

Originally for the web, this game has amassed a massive following in Japan and now is going everywhere. Be careful though. This fun JRPG is 18+, so be careful where you play this.

Like An Animal

This game built by a Vietnamese developer is pretty basic in gameplay but cute with its fun music and style. A perfect game to make you smile throughout the day.

Fishing Every Day

Just a regular old Fishing game. Set a lure, throw the lure, snag a fish, and hope you get a big one. Luckily you get to throw them back if they are too small.

God Car Project

This Kart riding game is interesting because they are building their first version on WeChat so they can prepare for the bigger app game in the future. A new way of looking at prototyping and testing your app before more significant launches.

KarTa: Hez2 – Ronda Online

One of the first Arabic games we’ve showcased, and I hope it’s not our last. A card game with multiplayer is always a great way to get introduced to a game engine.

Knowledge is Power

If you miss out on schooling, your mom will be mad. Play as a young boy pushed to solve puzzles and make your family proud. One of the big hits in Tiktok this year.

Greedy Apple Snake

Another massive hit on TikTok in China was this fun and simple game where you grow your snake and escape the level. Be careful not to end up stuck or wrapped around yourself.

Mighty Mouse Tokyo Clash

ONE Championship brings back one of their big games from a few years ago with a new fighter and a new platform, Facebook. It’s available now, and you can play it online!

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