Cocos Built Games Win Big At Google Play’s “Best Of 2020” Awards

2020.12.9 Other News by COCOS

Every year the team at Google Play shares some of the biggest and best games and apps that appeared on the store. Some big winners for 2020 included Chinese built Genshin Impact and the Tilting Point game Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off. But what about Cocos-built games? We had many great games that made big wins in 2020, like AFK Arena, Brain Out, and more.

We’re happy to announce that three big games got the nod for this year’s big awards. We shared the winners late last week on social media and proud to share a bit more about them.

Minimal Dungeon RPG by CapPlay

This game won the overall best innovative game for all of the Google Play Store!

This game is a casual gamers dream. Quick to get into, fun to play, no need for online service (great for airplane trips), and a fun story to follow along with the game.

The game has you battling the evils in the valley of Casa as the fragment of an evil demon, fight through dungeons filled with monsters, forests, and lakes, all set in a very simplistic battleground.

The game has a 4.8 ranking in the Apple Store after it’s release in January! This game has been a hidden gem we failed to share for a long time. But you’ll fall in love with it quickly if you love RPGs and quick in and out gameplay.

Tom & Jerry: Chase by NetEase Games

Won the best multiplayer game in Hong Kong’s and Taiwan’s Google Play store!

We did show off this game in our showcase, and it’s become a cult classic in the Chinese game industry this year. Not only is the humor great, but the options of how to upgrade your snail is incredible.

The game is set in the very distant future as a small snail fight to destroy an evil god and save you homeland. The game uses a ton of humor and is mostly known to be an idle game with fun cut scenes and exciting results as you change the DNA of your snail into a fighting machine.

Considerable interest in the game comes from its art style, looking more like a 90’s cartoon and nothing you’ve seen in other games.

The game got a 4.5 in the Google Play store!

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