Continued Growth In Mobile Gaming In China for May

2020.6.19 Other News by COCOS

Gamma data, a well-received mobile game researcher in China, released its May report for Chinese games. It’s the first report since January, where most of the country had returned to normal operations after the shutdown started in February. The report showed some great news as the mobile game market grew by more than 10% month-on-month, and the growth rate returned to double digits.

The month by month increase from April to May sales. (by hundred million RMB)

The great news comes from the help of in-game events that were held during the May Day holiday, coupled with gamers still cautious about leaving their homes for large gatherings, increasing their time at home gaming.

Top revenue mobile games for May 2020. Games in yellow are using Cocos inside their game.

For Cocos, this was a great month as six of the top ten grossing games are using Cocos for their games. This included great games like AFK Arena, Fantasy Westward Journey, and Romance of The Three Kingdoms: Tactics hit the top five. With some exciting new games coming out using Cocos, we hope this trend doesn’t end.

Top downloaded games in May on China’s Apple App Store.

On iOS, Honor of Kings and Game for Peace continues to take the lead, but with more opportunity for interesting games like Fall in Love with Matching and Head Teacher Simulator bringing some romance to the field as summer starts to arrive.

As a whole, ARPG and RPG games still are high in the list of games played, but the genre as a whole has decreased in popularity. Since last year the growth of MOBA, Strategy, and FPS games continues to dominate the top 50 in China.

Number of new games in the iOS top 200

When looking at the top 200 best games on the iOS app store, growth is coming back as 20 new games were added to the list, making it the biggest month for new games this year. This should mean that more companies are leaving the shelter at home and cost-cutting that happened this year and are looking to push out their products to an eager crowd.

This also shows that gamers are ready for new games to play and more are coming for the summer.

If you want to know more about this report or talk to the team at Gamma Data, contact the group from their WeChat account CNGWANG or get a copy of their reports from their website: We thank them for the report and for allowing us to share the data with you.