“Spiral Warrior” Reproduces Childhood Nostalgia Inside Your Phone!

2020.8.14 Other News by COCOS

In the childhood of many Asian and Western kids born in the 1990s was the Beyblade (aka. battle top) anime series on TV. Kids in China were buying real-life battle tops and would randomly find an iron wok, get three to five friends sitting around it, spin the tops, and have them collide wildly, while shouted one after another all the individual moves from the show: rotating shooting, iron ball defense mechanism, white tiger claw attack. For many, it was as fun as anything on TV or any arcade game.

In the minds of many mobile developers, the emergence of games based on nostalgia are emerging. This has brought about the emergence of a new battle top game.


The new game we are going to share today is the battle top Strategy RPG “Spiral Warrior” was developed by Hangzhou Electronic Soul with Cocos Creator. It’s currently on Google Play. Many players love it and say it’s a very special type of game that they’ve never seen before. 

Electronic Soul has a senior R&D team, with strong programming knowledge, great teamwork, creativity, rich experience in product development, and a deep understanding and unique insights into game production. The studio used the Cocos engine to create many high-quality games, such as “BarbarQ”, “Dream of the Three Kingdoms,” and more, which were well received by gamers. 

This Strategy RPG game based on Cocos Creator restores the feeling of playing a real battle top game to the greatest extent. The gameplay is novel, easy to play, and is bringing players a sense of new gameplay. The smooth graphic and performance also verify the excellent performance of the Cocos engine on native platforms like Android and iOS

When released first in China, the battle top genre had never been tried before. The team said that even on the day before the first test, they were still unsure of whether the players could accept the gameplay. It was not until the server started to receive more and more positive feedback that they saw the light come out of the tunnel.

So, How do you recreate the gameplay of speeding up your top and having it fly out onto the field with a mobile game?

First of all, “Spiral Warrior” maintains the basic concepts of the top spinning games in the past through it’s biggest selling point, battle! There are not only pure 1v1 battles but also 1v1v1 battles. In the battle, you should knock the opponent’s tops out of the area or stop them from spinning to win!

There are four types of tops, namely Attack, Persistence, Defense, and Balance. The relationship of the four is “Attack beats Persistence, Persistence beats Defense, and Defense beats Attack.” Balance is not affected in any way but has no skil advantage. So how is this “type” determined? The answer is by adding accessories. A top is composed of a tactical plate, a gravity ring, and a revolving point. So each top is actually designed by the player, giving lots of customization to them! 


What players need to do is to collect various accessories for the top and assemble their own brand new top, or to modify it. Of course, each accessory has its own different effects. We can freely match and combine the accessories in our hands to create unique battle tops and give them different abilities and personalities.

The game adds a lot of Japanese anime elements to the art. The pleasing art with an exciting anime style soundtrack, plus the strong hit reaction sounds in the battle, makes you feel like you are a character in your own anime.


Each tactical plate has a specific character design. Every time you release a skill in the battle, this character will show up, which looks very cool.

A 30-second auto-battle can be quickly started anytime, anywhere.  The attributes of the top are also designed to be very distinctive. They are composed of attack, collision interval, structure, defense, durability, and weight. Each attribute has a profound impact in battle.


The battle system in the game is divided into three steps: First, choose a top to join the battle; Second, choose the launching direction and strength; Third, choose whether to release the skills when the rage value of your top is full. This trilogy of battle also makes the game more strategic than being another idle game.

Because of these unique system designs, the Spiral Warrior becomes a particularly in-depth “real” battle top mobile game, rather than a simple top up and card drawing game.

So everyone got it? Only by choosing the top correctly, matching it with accessories reasonably, and using the right launching skills at the right time can you become a true Spiral Warrior.

Although the theme of the game is a bit niche, it still ignites the enthusiasm and allows everyone to regain the pride of being a battle top player in childhood.