VIP Tech Support

Achieve your dreams with the most professional technology



  • Online support and offline resources
  • 5*12 online support
  • Typical problems can be docked to support


  • Lectures by Senior Cocos engineers
  • Tailored courses according to your business needs
  • Diversified content, precise training

Project Evaluation

  • Provide a complete technical assessment of the project
  • Find efficiency issues

VIP Service
Comprehensive technical support program: Including all technical services like technical support, training and project evaluation.
  • Limited time:
  • 1. brand endorsement/online promotion: Cocos will remote your brand, covering millions of users.
  • 2. offline salon participation and presentation: free to attend Cocos annual offline salon sessions, and once a chance to speak.
  • 3. get Cocos engine betas in advance.
  • 4. Cocos Mall exclusive discount: enjoy a discount coupon, which can be used on many services from the Cocos Service Mall.
  • 5. recruitment and publicity services: direct to millions of developers, to help companies recruit talent.